• Lauren Newell James

Start 2020 by Helping a Farmer

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for becoming a Guardian Angel to one of our precious Hereford cows.

The drought and now bushfires are testing Farmer Greg and I in unprecedented ways. As regenerative farmers who plan years ahead, never before have we been faced with completely bare paddocks for our grass-fed cattle. We live in a high rainfall area but have not received decent rain since October 18. We were thrilled to receive 24mm on Christmas day, however whilst this may give us a little green growth not a drop fell in the dams. We should be planting pastures for winter in the coming months but with no rainfall on the horizon the future does look bleak.

The donations we have received to date has helped us to hand feed the cattle but our funds are running low. As we edge towards the first decent prediction of rain in March, we would be delighted if you choose to extend or renew the guardianship of the cow carrying your unique name. We are sincerely appreciative of your contribution however, and understand if you’d now like to relinquish your Guardian Angel role to another family.

Should you like to extend your special role and cows name, please click HERE which will take you directly to our website and allow you to choose the number of weeks of further guardianship at $20 per week.

You can alternatively do a direct deposit into our bank account to save merchant fees.

Our bank account details are:


BSB:062 623

Account No:1012 7517

Ref – the name of your cow

For those few that still have guardianships into the new year thank you so much.

Cheers Farmer Lauren x