We are currently experiencing the worst drought on record here at Linga Longa Farm. As regenerative farmers, we look after our land and planned ahead but nobody could have predicted how long this drought would last. It was just over 12months ago we helped our farming friends over the range by raising over $30k for the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners in conjunction with our local CBA.
We now find ourselves needing help, as the grass disappears, dams and creeks are empty and the cattle are hungry.
We are now confinement feeding all of the cattle after losing a our precious favourite cow Magnolia, who fell down a gully because she was so weak - she was having twins. This means having all the cattle in one paddock so they are not walking around using their energy and are in a safe place to calve.
$20 will help feed one cow for a week, we have about 80  Breeders and Weaners that need your help. We do not wish to go through the fund raising pages as they take a high percentage in fees. 
If you would like to name and watch over the cow for more than 1 week simply increase the quantity button.
Please add the name of your cow in the comments section. We will send a photo in the coming days.
We thank you for your support Farmers Lauren and Greg